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On this page I have collected some of my best Flash projects to showcase my favorite strong points of Flash… especially worth mentioning is the opportunity to create appealing and sales motivating Micro-Sites as part of a ‘New Product Launch’ or  ‘Sales Promotion’ campaign and other marketing related activities.

Page written by, and Flash examples made by Harbo – freelance developer since 2001

Ball Collision Flash Banner:

Circles are populated from XML.. which lets you dynamically load images and text and control the number of balls and circles colliding.
This banner was custom made for a Danish sushi web-site ‘letzsushi.dk’

This is a small version of the original… > View original flash banner in full size 950 X 340 <

3D Flash website – EXPLORER 325 satellite
(promotional website)
A lot of features was incorporated into this website.. during the period the owners also sponsored an around the world trip in an electrical car with satellite gear and the drivers updated geotags to a map on the site. All potential clients was sent 3D glasses in the mail so they could fully enjoy the site in all it’s 3D glory. The site offered a message board, images gallery, video player, file downloads, animated page transition and a cool shoot em up flash game with highscore…. and a 2D button (3D on/off)
Cropped Image On T-shirt
Screenshot of the front page…. want more ?  > View this Flash Website in full screen <

Promotional Flash website build for NOKIA
– (promotional website)
This website was launched for employees of a chain store phone company in Denmark to educate employees about the latest phones out from NOKIA. The site featured campaign information with educational PDF and video available to study…Also users/employees could share sales advise and sales-experience through a messageboard.
And finnally a Flash Quiz was developed to evaluate how much each users/employee had learned from the site.Also a database with sale figures was setup so NOKIA could track the weekly increase in sales one each model during the campaign.Flash Website made for Nokia
Screenshot of the front page…. want more ? > View this site in full screen <

Scratch and Win Flash Game
– (game)
A ‘New Product Launch’ is a happy day for any company.. and why not celebrate this and make this a day to remember for both clients and employees. This custom build game was delivered with an admin panel to control how many of each prices available could be won on any given day each.. handeling multible prizes the system could also generated new scratch cards to each users registred with a valid ‘lucky number’ and kept a LIVE ‘admin’ highscore to track winners.. and export details to excel sheets.Scratch and Win - Flash Game
Screenshot of the scratchcard.. want more ? > Play this Scratch Card Flash Game here <

Flash Video Synchronized with Slideshow
– (custom video player)
This is actually a few years back I made this but it’s still very relevant because video has such a strong impact. And here I added cue point to the video and synchronized the video with related slides to make a stronger impact when it comes to educating the audience. Scratch and Win - Flash Game
This is just a small screenshot..> View the working video player in full size 780 X 390 <

Flash Beer Balance Game – (game)
This game I originally made for Carlsberg beer company. The point of the game is to balance the tray using your <LEFT and RIGHT> key. The game physics mimics balance and if your not carefull you will drop all your beers on the floor.
Flash Balance Game
Screenshot of the Flash balance game.. wanna play ? > Play Beer Balance Game here  <


Sales-Tool build for Microsoft Office 2010 :
Custom build Flash Accordion Menu with ease-in and ease-out effect. Originally setup as a dynamic solution that lets ‘Admin’ control what content was shown and what outgoing links are presented to the audience depending on their incoming links.Scratch and Win - Flash Game
Selection of screenshots from menu.. want more ? > View this Flash Menu in real size<

Enhance interactivity between your users and your products with a sales promoting micro-site. Add an extra sense of graphics and usability with the Scripting, Visual-Effects and Animation possibilities available at harboarts.com.

Flash Throw Boxes Banner – Interactive With Physics
Just a fun example of Flash user interaction with boxes – Throw a box and see it bounce.
The Flash examples on this page are just a small selection of my work with ActionScript and PHP. Browse more of my Flash and PHP related work here > portfolio page 2 <

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Page written by, and Flash examples made by Harbo – freelance developer since 2001