Product Design Application and Creative Tool for Customizing Products online:
Offer custom Phone Covers, Hard-Cases, Tablet and Phone Stickers , T-shirts, Banners and Posters on your own website or print shop.
Let us know what you need ! Our latest application for personalized products can be customized to fit your request.... (contact us for more details)
- Page written by, and application made by Harbo – freelance developer since 2001

The Flash Product Designer
Lifetime Domain License:
Price 920,- € EUR

Latest features added:
1) Pan-Zoom.
2) Copy-Selected-Object.
3) Multi-colored Artwork.
4) Flip-Object.
5) Bring-Object-To-Front.
6) Bend, Arc and Curve Text.
7) Crop your uploaded images into shapes.

What's included:
1) Setup on Your Website.
2) A Shopping-cart.
3) Integration with PayPal.
4) 100% Support.

1) Use your own shopping cart.
2) Custom Shopping-cart.
2) Add new payment gateway.
3) Integrate with other scripts.
4) Custom development.

How to buy :
Send us an email with a brief description of your business and needs for the application and we will get back to you within 24 hours with answers and further information about the application and your options with us.


Pre-made Design Templates Gallery:

Output to PDF:
The applications lets you print to PDF > Download PDF Sample <

Add your own Products and cliparts:
The application supports both Bitmap & Vector Graphics and you can add all the products and artwork you wish to.

Export Wallpaper for Mobile Devices:

If the application is used for mobile phones, tablet covers or stickers the application can be customized to also export wallpaper images to match the prints.

Other Applications by Harbo:
1) Flash T-shirt Designer
2) Photo Book Designer

Custom Development:
We understand that our clients all have different demands and we are happy to collaborate and customize solutions to match our clients every need. With more than 11 years of experience providing web solutions is an experienced team player for your business big or small. We are always happy to discuss your options with us and provide a quote on custom work.

We provide a personal service in regards to freelance web-development and you can rest assured that we will give your project our full attention.

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